Products Martinelli Fenzo

The items studied and created by Urania are all entirely MADE IN ITALY products and are tested in our factory with utmost care.

From sewing till home accessories, Urania studies, produces and commercializes the full range of objects to make life easier!

Our company is known in the world for the production of threaders for any kind of needles, even for sewing machines, but we produce also the shapes for man, woman and kids’ shoes and corkscrews to help you uncork any bottle easily.

All our products have exclusive and original design of great impact , uniting in this way usefulness and aestetic element, that indisputably attracts the companies wishing to commercialize our products.

The trade agents are our main target market, we have the clients all over the world such as: haberdashery, sewing articles shops, hobby&bricolage shops, boutiques of embroidery and accessories, bazar, accociations for invalids and elderly, wholesalers and shops of homeware and gifts, wholesalers of gadgets and promotional articles, textil accessories etc.

Above mentioned categories include only small part of our potentional clients, that could include all those who wish to try the new goods, beautiful, simple in use, and what is more important, useful, thanks to the full range for any necessity.

A wide range of products to satisfy all your needs: