by Urania



The items studied and created by Fenzo Martinelli are all exclusive patents produced in Italy and tested with the utmost care.

From sewing accessories to household aids, a complete line of independent living aids!

Automatic needle threaders suitable for every kind of needles as well as for sewing machinesShapes for shoes that will preserve your man, woman or kids’ shoes. And a corkscrew to help you uncork any bottle easily.

A wide range of products to satisfy all your needs:

INFILA: Automatic Needle Threader

PERFECTO: Automatic Needle threader

ELITE: Automatic Needle Threader Single Channel

BLU ELITE: Automatic Needle Threader with Support

EZ IN: Automatic Needle Threader for Sewing Machines

L’UNICO: Automatic Corkscrew

SCARPI’: Shape for Shoes

Here’s what you can make with our fantastic innovation:

  • They are suitable to every type of needle: big or small.
  • Extreme versatility: we have several types of Automatic Needle Threaders depending on our customer’s demands, for hand-needles and for needles for sewing machines.
  • Usage extremely easy; our Automatic Needle Threaders is special to save time and have an immediate result.
  • They can be used to thread embroidery needle or wool needle and even for extremely thin needle for silk and paillettes.
  • All our articles have an exclusive and original design of fine visual impact.
  • It offers an important help for people with sight problem or people with handicap.
  • It gives you the possibility to thread a needle with only one gesture and in this way the thread will be more resistant in order to sew buttons or for particular seams.
  • Besides our Automatic Needle Threaders, we can offer you a large range of objects to solve small daily problems: automatic corkscrew, accessories to keep the shoes in shape, ecc.. all produced in our factory and all our exclusive patents.

Our products are suitable for a wide range of customer:

Haberdashery, Manufactorers of various items, Distributors of sewing articles, Shops of hobby and bricolage, Shops for embroidery and accessories, Bazar.

Shops and associations that sell articles for the disabled and the elderly, Sales catalogue, Wholesalers and shops of household items and giftware, Wholesalers of gadgets and promotional items, Low vision product, Accessories for texile.

…And anyone who wants to try a new article, practical and above all usefull!

We would like to point out, however, that our products are cheap, but anyway original and high quality, for this reason we tend to exclude those who sell mostly products Made in China.